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A Few Good Toasts

Creative Toasting & Wedding Speeches
Prior To & At The Wedding Reception
by Judith Rivers-Moore
Author & publisher of "Best Style Wedding & Honeymoon Magazine
2 Articles

#1 -Article on Wedding Toasts Guidelines & Timeline

Wedding goblets and toasting glasses are wonderful gifts for those who are getting married, or having a special celebration. They can be beautifully engraved mementos of a very fine occasion. Serving champagne and wine are customary for toasts, yet we see alternative non-alcoholic punches, sparking water and sparkling cider being served for toasting and celebrations. 

It is customary to toast when the following occur:

  • Anytime you believe it to be a momentous occasion!
  • People are gathered to announce an engagement.
  • People are gathered to wish a couple well at the rehearsal or on their wedding day.

Who Toasts During The Wedding Reception:
Anyone can, but begin with first persons:

  1. The Best Man
  2. The Maid of Honor
  3. The Groom To His Wife or
  4. Father of the Bride
  5. Father of the Groom

In different cultures, speeches are made (lengthy) and glassware is broken. It is important to read the cultural information available if you find yourself toasting in a different type of cultural/ethnic setting.

Discuss this with the bride or groom ahead.
People throughout the room should have their glasses filled. The couple should be watched over carefully to make certain their glasses are filled......and they are using their special toasting glasses...(great photo opportunity).
Several considerations should be discussed with the best man weeks prior to the occasion. (There are books in the bookstores on toasts, standards and behavior).

Please consider the following tips:
The toast is meant to be a recognition of successful outcomes, a send-off to the future...

To the company's progress, good luck and success.

To the young couple becoming engaged.

To the newly married couple acknowledging the love and strengths they bring to one another and the marriage. 

To the anniversary occasion for a couple's many years together.

Yes, the statements can be sentimental forth years you have shared as friends, but the welcome to the bride is primary in your statements.

Time: Please be advised, this traditionally (American Toasting) occurs after the dinner has been eaten and before they are ready to cut the cake. Check with the banquet manager or coordinator to make certain the glasses are filled. Most guests should be served something to drink prior to your getting up to speak.


If you are finding it difficult to write about LOVE, consider this link regarding The Meaning of Love by Anne Wycoff
Prepare ahead and write down a few brief points you want to make during the toast. It is nice to state how long you have known them. The toast can be brief........3-7 lines of warmth from the heart and 3-7 lines of welcome, 3-7 lines of the hope for the future. It is wise to address the positive decision the couple made to marry one another. Consider including a favorite saying or blessing. Write it out and Practice The Words. Look at the couple and/or be at a microphone so all can hear your words.

Remember at the end of your lift your glass and state clearly To my dear friend ________and his lovely wife_______We all wish you the happiest of lives together!

Congratulations (or other fitting words) then please drink one sip of the toast. (you will need some left to drink to the other toasts.) 

Another great help with the speech writing is from an author in Australia

Never do the following:
Become so sloshed you cannot speak your drinking later. 

No foul language......during the toast, it offends many of the guests. 

No bringing up of old girl friends or negative statements of "man I didn't think you'd make it".
No good old times or things you did to get in trouble. it right and the bride remembers forever - giving you many possible dinner invitations in the future....mmmmmmmm.

Best Man Video of Wedding Toast   While you may not want to sing your speech, the words are unique

2nd ARTICLE Pertaining To Bridesmaid Toasting

Toasts by The Maid of Honor

by Judith Rivers-Moore
Author & Publisher "Best Style Wedding & Honeymoon" Magazine

You have been chosen as maid of honor for your close friend's wedding, and even though the event is still weeks away, you are already fretting about what you are going to say in your maid of honor wedding speech. The maid of honor wedding speech is one of the most important duties of the maid of honor. The words spoken to the bride and groom, and their wedding guests, should convey the importance of the day and connect the guests with the couple on a more meaningful level. Even though the maid of honor wedding speech seems a little overwhelming, with a bit of early preparation and creativity, your speech can easily become one of the highlights of the bride and groom's special day.

Having the crowd hang on your every word is as easy as following a few simple tips:

1) Don't forget the basics! It's easy to forget the basic information when you start your speech, but do remember to introduce yourself and tell how long you have known the couple, as well as what your connection to the bride is. Many of the wedding guests may not know you, so this information is important.

2) Remember to thank the bride and groom for allowing you to be a part of their special day. The bride and groom could have chosen anyone, but instead, they chose you to play such a pivotal role in their day. By acknowledging this in your speech, it shows the couple, and the wedding guests that you appreciate them placing you in such a special role. It also shows  you are honored by their trust in you, that they could depend on you to carry out the necessary duties in being maid of honor.

Use your history with the bride as a foundation for your speech. Whether you have known the bride since childhood, or only for a few months, sharing a special memory between the two of you shows the significance of your bond. It also highlights the positive aspects of the bride's personality that may have been a factor in drawing the bride and groom together. Remember, however, not to embarrass the bride with overly personal stories.  This is a helpful video on a Maid of Honor Speech

4) Infuse a bit of humor. While adding a joke or a one liner to the speech can break the ice and loosen up the crowd a bit, use caution as to not go too far. The last thing you want to do is offend the bride or groom, or any of the wedding guests. Keep the joke simple, for example, "I'm told that the best speech givers follow three simple rules: Stand up, speak up, and then very quickly, shut up. I'll try to stick to that advice." By keeping the joke clean and simple, you avoid the risk of losing your audience.

5) Don't be afraid to use a quote. There are thousands of wedding appropriate quotes out there. The most important thing to remember is to choose a quote that is appropriate for the couple. If you want to play it safe, a sentimental quote that speaks about everlasting love is always a good choice.

 6) Get creative! If you don't want to go the typical route, consider doing something a bit different to honor the couple. Maybe a song or dance or even a slideshow could add a new dimension to the usual maid of honor wedding speech. If you opt to add a creative touch, remember to choose something that is in line with the couple's taste. A poem is also a nice touch to a maid of honor wedding speech.

7) Always end on a positive note. Wind your speech up with positive words for the couple. Wish them a long and happy life together and remember to offer your support.

Prepare your speech well in advance of the day and practice it over and over again to avoid stammers and jitters. Don't be afraid to take a few note cards to help you stay on track in the event you lose your place. Above all, have fun and remember you are honoring the couple on their special day. After all, your speech is a very important extension of their wedding ceremony.