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Spiritual Wedding Venues

by Anne Wycoff

Before jumping aboard that plane, train or automobile, here are some ideas for passports to your success. 
It is the human spirit that drives us to seek out places of seclusion, spirituality and tradition. We tend to want to honor the past, to envelop it with a visit.   Once we have experienced such a place, it is entwined into our memories forever with smell, sight, sound, taste and  touch.  The ambiance or spirituality of your wedding  comes down to the old real estate adage:  Location, location, location and  whether you are planning a traditional ceremony or spur of the moment wedding celebration, it is the place after all that will reflect the spirit of your wedding.   From secluded Redwood Mountain meadows in California,  the magical Celtic delight of a castle in Ireland, to the tropical rain forest, Buddhist temples and picturesque beaches of Thailand, choosing a spiritual place that reflects the art, diverse culture and history as well as awe-inspiring palate of your senses is one of the most important tasks in planning your wedding.  The following are some of the worlds most divine spots to create your wedding day as the spiritual experience it is meant to be.

First: Check to see what the latest travel restrictions are for that country.

Second: Remember it takes about three to six months to receive a passport.

Third: Request in writing from the Countries registrar what paperwork and documents you and your guests will need for the wedding ceremony.

Last but not least: Get specific guest restrictions and accommodations from the hotel you will be staying at.

Ayers Rock Resort, Australia
Located in the heart of the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, Ayers Rock resort offers a timeless experience for even the most novice of travelers.  Five resort hotels located within it’s fantastic historical site, Ayers Rock Resort gives the guests several options and activities for their stay.  Whether you want to experience a camel ride, indulge in an archeological dig or savor the journey of a safari, Ayers Rock Resort has it all with five-star accommodations, dinning and spa services.  http://

Judenplatz, Vienna, Austria

A pilgrimage to the sordid past with a romantic twist.  In the heart of the Jewish ghetto of the 13th and 15th centuries, Judenplatz is the central sacred grounds of a Jewish museum, Holocaust memorial, statue of Jewish Playwright Lessing and a Medieval Synagogue excavation.  Schonbrunn Palace offers the wedding of your dreams and the experience of Judenplatz you will never forget.

Andean mythology dictates that Lake Titicaca, Bolivia holds the sacred beginnings of the Incan empire. Walking among the ruins of Sullistani, Kayaking along Uros floating islands or bird watching at Titicaca reserve gives you a real awakening of South American past.  The  Hotel Libertador Lago Titicaca Puno provides five star resort accommodations while keeping in time to the history and spirit of this sacred place. Hotel Libertador Lago Titicaca Puno

Spiritually speaking, visiting the only surviving ancient wonder of the world, Egypt’s pyramids in Giza, gives one not only a sense of mystery and wonder but also a question of earths origin.  For years, New age followers have been visiting the pyramids of Giza, wondering, learning and absorbing.  Tour the great pyramids, Khafu and  Kharfe, the great Sphinx, the pyramid Menkaure and the mortuary. Trek to St. Catherine’s Monastery at Mount Sinai on camel back and swim in the Nile.  The Four Seasons Hotel in Cairo offers five-star resort accommodations overlooking the Pyramids.

Luminescent ocean views, beach picnics and relaxing moonlit walks designate Turtle Island, Fiji as one of our best picks for a spiritual destination.  Guests can enjoy a rebirth of body and soul at this jewel of the Fiji islands.  Known for the location of the movie, Blue Lagoon, the romantic spirit in you will enjoy the five-star resort amenities including snorkel and dive tours, horseback rides, hiking and full service accommodations including spas and massages.

The snowy bluffs and ice bergs give way to the silence of the icy north, enabling you to sift through your thoughts and prayers.  Llullissat, Greenland is at the top of the world and offers magnificent activities and  views of this icy tundra.  Ride a dog sled, trek across a glacier, visit the Inuit village and explore the fjords all while enjoying the five-star treatment of Hotel Arctic.

Crom Castle, a hauntingly beautiful place, boasts of Ireland’s flawless beauty and breathtaking wonder of this timeworn land.  Walk about the two-thousand acre wonder of Crom Castle ruins, lush  green grounds and opaque, winding waters of the upper Lough Erne.  Weddings at Crom Castle invite up to thirty-five guests who may enjoy the grounds and garden of the Earl and Countess of Erne, Crom Castle.

 Step back to the time of Christ as you walk to the Nativity church and Manger square from the  Jacir Palace Ic hotel, Bethlehem.  The Jacir Palac is a five-star luxury hotel right in the center of all the ancient sites, sounds and attractions of the Holy land. Strolling along the open market places of old town, visiting Rachels Tomb, Solomons pools, Mosque of Omar and Milk Grotto Chapel gives meaning to the four corners of the spiritual world, Christian, Islam, Judism and Muslim.  The Jacir Palace Hotel

Traveling to Jerusalem you can walk in the footsteps of Christ as you visit the future battle of Armaggedon hills of Megiddo, Sea of Galilee, wade in the waters of the river Jordan, Golgatha, Wailing wall and overlook the panoramic views of Jerusalem from the Mt. Of Olives.  
The David Citadel Hotel offers guests presidential accommodations and fantastic views.

Celebrate the architecture,  art, culture and ancient history in Kathmandu, Nepal, India. Step back in awe as you view  Boudhanath, the largest stupa of the world tour the Bagmati river, where many Hindus have taken the journey to their next life and stroll the streets of nearby Patan, famous art city of Nepal.  Hindu weddings are available for diverse cultures.  Stay at the fantastic Hyatt Regency resort where modern day luxury meets old-world charm.  Hyatt Regency

Machu Picchu, Peru is one of the most beloved spiritual pilgrimages of ancient and modern man.  The lost city of the Incas is known for it’s elevated views, architectural feat and newly appointed seven wonders of the world status.  The Sacred Valley is a must see with it’s fruitful plains and views.  Through the mountains of Cuzco, the Inca trail cuts through the jungle up the steep incline to the spiritual destination of Machu Piccu.  Boasting of high-end resort amenities, fantastic dinning and tour experiences, the Cuzco Hotel, Monesterio is a must on your spiritual journey to Peru.

Walk in the romantic footsteps of the characters Anna and the King from The King and I,  through the ancient city and countryside of Siam, Thailand.  Visit picturesque temples and wade in the waterfalls of Mae Sa and Mae Ya of Mae Tho National  park. A city of proud culture and colorful history, Siam offers a spiritual journey into the Buddhist mind, body and heart.  Enjoy five-star luxury dinning and accommodations and then step into the distant past while trekking through lush jungles, native animal viewing and tropical rain forests.  The world renowned  Siam City Hotel in  Bangkok, Thailand gives all the amenities for wedding parties and their guests in addition to fantastic tours for your romantic and spiritual  journey.

Walk in the spirit of Mexican, Spanish and Native American pioneers and warriors as you visit the mysterious and inspiring Santa Fe, New Mexico and Sedona, Arizona, United States.  Experience the west at it’s best with Grand Canyon vistas, Rock formations, aspiring cacti and wildlife. Ride Horses and visit native lands and people, as you trek to the Grand Canyon past marbled-grooved rock and soaring Eagles.  Though the West was won with rough and tumble attitudes, the Hacienda Del Cerezo gives guests the five-star treatment complete with healing massage therapy, aroma spas and luxurious pools.

The native American Spirit of North America is preserved in Yosemite, California, United States. Artist Ansel Adams and writer John Muir depict Yosemite as one of the worlds most spiritually beautiful places on earth.  The 3000 foot angling force of  El Capitan and  spectacular scenery of Ribbon, Bridalveil and Cathedral Rocks waterfalls give you a celestial feel and invigorate your spirit. Placing your soul in the hands of the stewards of the Ahwahnee Lodge in Yosemite, California will enable you to enjoy the great wonders of this amazing, National  park.

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