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Interview Questions For The Wedding Planner

Often we go to interview a vendor or wedding service for our special day and find ourselves without the questions we need to ask before hiring that service. Asking the right questions can save us from problems on our wedding day.

Many of us believe we do not require a wedding planner, but they can certainly cut through a mass of uncertainties surrounding the wedding.  You want to create YOUR wedding, not your sisters or best friends wedding. The creative wedding planner is a great asset and they often save you time and money by guiding you toward the best services for your budget.

There are several types of wedding planners:

  1. The wedding and event planner provided by the wedding site. They are keyed to showing the wedding venue, contracting you, introducing you to the catering department (if a catered site), going over details of their recommended vendor list, and open and close the venue for your rehearsal and your wedding day. These people can have some or no experience in wedding planning.  It is best to ASK just what they do for the facility.

  2. The Day of Wedding Planner.  They actually work with you 3 to 5 weeks in advance. The venues may require you have a day of planner to see you through the final stage of the event.  This is often an additional fee.

  3. The Same Day Wedding Planner. This planner completes all the details of your destination, elopements for two to small wedding parties. Details include hotels, wedding venue, officiates, meals, transportation. These charges vary depending on your decisions.

  4. Full Service Wedding Planner.  Often they offer several packages including day of wedding planning packages.   Most professionals offer several price points.  Most are based on hours of service, requests for extra work on wedding showers, invitations, guest housing  arrangements, rehearsal dinners and  honeymoon arrangements. Watching the hours of phone calls, e-mails or texting can add up and boost you into another package size.

What are you paying them for:  knowledge of the local or destination wedding site that fits your dreams. Preview and recommendation of wedding professionals to work your wedding, their continued organization and management of the celebration.

Ethnic Experienced Wedding Planner.  Many ethnic wedding planners are specialists in customs, languages, religion and become an important resource in planning a mixed religion or ethnic custom wedding and reception.

Prior to interviewing and hiring, it is important to know the size of your guest list and your general budget. Often wedding planners work specific locations and are able to work at a venue that already has a planner.  You really need help at the beginning to get organized and save money.  If you are a do it yourself bride - Get our free online wedding planner.

Questions You Might Ask The Planner Before Calling Their References

  1. How many weddings have they completed previously?

  2. How many years of experience?

  3. Do they carry liability insurance?

  4. Are they licensed to do business in the county/city?

  5. What services do they provide?

  6. Do you have more than one person to recommend for each of the vendor services?

  7. Do you review the budget and the contracts made with each vendor?

  8. If you need this, do they assist in the dress shopping and gift registry set up?

  9. Ask them to outline what is in each of the wedding packages.

  10. Is it possible to go over a few paid hours without jumping into the next size planning package?

  11. Will you inform me when we reach half level of my package time.

  12. How can you save us money on our wedding planning?

Questions You Would Ask The References You Call

  1. Did you wedding and reception run smoothly?

  2. Was anything forgotten or go wrong?

  3. Was she/he hard to work with?

  4. Did you go over your budget?

  5. Would you hire this business again?