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Questions To Ask The Engagement & Wedding Photographer

Today's Photographer Is Very Different Than Those For Your Mothers' Wedding Day - Their skills and camera results are amazing, and you will find great photographers working full time or part time in the business.

Many of the photographers today can do a variety of services:

  • Video Services
  • Photo Booths
  • Unique Photo Books
  • Online Selection of Proofs For The Entire Family
  • Wedding Album Apps for your smart phone
  • Boudior Photos
  • Destination Weddings - knowledge of the region
  • Destination Engagement - knowledge of the region
  • Photo Enhancements with knowledge of Photo Shop
  • No Flash photos
  • Create an APP of your wedding celebration
  • Black and White, Sepia, Tinted, Color and Oil Painted & Metal renditions of your photographs.

ENGAGEMENT Photographers often lead to your WEDDING Photographer. You will find this can be one of the first services you hire, because they sometimes offer a free engagement setting when you book them for the wedding.

This requires doing the BASICS outlined on this page

When hiring a wedding photographer, you will want to seek some, or all of the services above.

Primarily, your decision on a photographer is how your personality's match and whether they match your budget.  When you feel comfortable with the photographer, you will relax and enjoy the photo shoot...which gives a better outcome to your photos.

Asking what camera the photographer uses often leads to Cannon 50 or Nikon D 750 both work well for portraits. The Cannon camera also shoots VIDEO. We also see some quick shots being done with smart phones.

Many of the unique services - like photo booths, video all require a different set of questions. 

You Will Want to Ask The Photographer:
Number of years in business and how many weddings they have photographed?

  • Do they have a qualified backup photographer - in case of an emergency?
  • What price packages they have to offer? Time allowed in each of the packages?
  • How many cameras do you bring to a shoot?
  • Have they photographed at your venue before? 
  • Do they bring an assistant to the wedding?
  • Will there be photos as the brides and bridesmaids dress?
  • Select From a LIST of popular poses and REQUEST specific poses of family/friends.
  • How long before you can view the proofs?
  • ASK That a contract be filled out, with deposit, correct addresses of the locations, and payments outlined?
  • Do they require food or a box lunch and break table at the reception?

While we see people devise methods to lower cost of hiring a professional wedding photographer, we would like to remind you ... Your food, the site, the flowers and the dress will all be distant memories, but the photos will live on - reminding you of your LOVE that day!

Methods to Lower the Cost of Photography:  Some photographers will just give you a DVD with the photos and let you complete your own prints for your wedding album.  This can work for same day weddings and elopements.