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Interview Questions When You Hire Your Wedding & Reception Music

Your Wedding Music for The Ceremony

Romance, setting the mood, meaningful to the two of you, and your favorites from classical to love ballads work well for a ceremony. Yes a DJ can do this for you, but we see many couples hire a variety of music talent from classical quartets, guitarist,  violinist, soloist, trumpeters, or a piano/keyboardist and of course, an organist. This music is played at various points throughout the ceremony and always includes the recession. 

ALL Contracts should include: setup time, agreed to fee and overtime fee, (if required), texting, email and phone numbers, equipment details, event location(s), and company name, all legal information, fees on travel time, parking fees, food/break requirements and legal recourse.

Wedding Music For The Reception

This music breaks into three categories:  entry and seating music, dining music and the dance time for family and guests. The last begins with: Couples Dance, Father Daughter Dance and the Mother Son Dance and then the Wedding Party joins in. The Bridesmaids and Groomsmen often go out into the reception room and bring others onto the dance floor.

Questions You Will Want to Ask References

  1. With any of these performers, you will want to ask for references to call.

  1. Ask the reference if they enjoyed the entertainer?

  2. Did they present their information well and complete the agreements of the contract?

  3. Did they act professional - no drinking, drugs, no guest personal involvement?

  4. Did the person you hired - show up on time and prepared with your requests?

  5. Did they work well (co-exist) with other wedding services?

  6. Would you hire them again?


2. ASK Will the person you meet for the interview - be the person to entertain, or are they the business manager/ sales department/ agency rep?

Soloist:  Unless part of a band, they sing generally at the ceremony

  • Their singing range for the requested music.  

  • How many weddings they have sung for?

  • Their Fee for one- to - three songs for the ceremony?

  • How may you hear their voice?  Some have recordings on websites or cd, etc.

Classical Groups & Harpists: Play both ceremony and receptions

  • Request Their music list and a recording of their playing together.

  • Can they perform as a different size group for lesser fee - three, five, seven

Live Bands, Trumpet, Guitarist, Harpist, Accordion, Unique Instruments:  Can Play both ceremony and receptions with specific individual soloists for the ceremony.

  • Request Their Fees by the hour or a specific package

  • Do they charge travel time

  • Do they require to be fed the wedding fare or box lunches (this is usually your decision).

  • Do they require break times, and how long

Disc Jockey’s  DJ’s: Can also be a soloist, play an instrument, MC qualities, have other services and claim to be a wedding planner. (Ask to see their certification on wedding planning). Ask this qualified music expert about playing your style music and also how they plan to keep other ages on the dance floor:

  • Ask how many years in business, how many weddings - this may be on their website.

  • Ask for their music list to choose from - and return this completed with your selections a month in advance of your wedding day. Always confirm their receipt of this list.

  • Do they have an extra microphone for the toasting during the reception

  • How many songs do they play per hour - this should be 12 to 15

  • Preview their equipment and sound system - this volume is a concern for various size rooms, and various times during the reception.  They must understand, people like to talk while eating.

  • Interview for personality, if they have worked with wedding planners in the past

  • How do they perform as an MC?  Brassy, Informative, Keep The Guests Moving, Inter-playing of music selections. etc.