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Questions For The Wedding Site Manager & Reviewing The Venue

Questions You Will Ask The Ceremony Venue Manager

  1. If a church or temple:  do they have a wedding hostess to assist.  What do her service entail and is there a fee? Is there a dress code for the bride or groom?  They often give a list of rules. If you have hired a wedding planner - are the willing to work with your planner?

  2. Church, garden or temple: Is there more than one ceremony/reception on that day?  

  3. Is the site available for a rehearsal - the evening or two before? How Long?

  4. Does your wedding hostess help us with the rehearsal run-through?

  5. How many hours is the ceremony location available before hand?

  6. Please outline the fees and any counseling requirements.

  7. Do they require a day of wedding planner be hired?

  8. What time may your group get in the venue? caterer, decor, set-up, deliveries

  9. Are there dressing areas for both the bride and the groom?

  10. Preview and walk through the dynamics of the room/garden from where the bride enters, groom stands, music, etc.

Questions & Concerns For Previewing The Reception Venues

Try to Preview The Wedding or Reception Location at the time you want your wedding to begin. You will look for safety, colors, decor, carpet, bathrooms, condition of chairs, tables, floors and how light casts for good photos. You will also want to be assured that it works with your theme/style.  Outside, look at the entrance, parking, cleanliness, paint and plantings. If a destination event, preview the overnight accommodations.   

ASK (If these items are not in the brochure or website.)

1. What comes with the location? Chairs, tables, linens, parking can all add up.

2.  Review the list of rules for the venue for in and out time, clean up rules, trash rules, kitchen rules ( if you are using it), bar tending rules.  Restriction knowledge is vital.

3. Do they require a day-of wedding planner?

4. Is it possible there will be more than one wedding/reception going on at the venue?

5. Yes, they may have a parking area, but will it hold all of your guests and is it an extra fee for the parking or do you require valet services?

6. Will you be guaranteed in the contract - the exact room(s) you are looking at?

7. Will there be an on-site manager for our reception?

8. Billing for the facility is one thing, but with banquet catering you need to ask:

corkage fees, cake cutting fees and other types of wait staff service charges, the taxes and the tips fees? You want a total figure. This may not include the bar billing (which is often last minute with an open bar).

9. Must we hire from your preferred vendor list?

10. Do we have the option of a hosted cash bar or open bar? (This really should NOT be dictated to you, but some sites will try to ... to gain the bar service. ) 

11. May we bring in our own brand of champagne for a toast? 

Unique and Ethnic request:

  • Kosher Food, Chinese Food, Indian Food, etc.
  • May we have an open flame pit for our specific ceremony on the property?
  • Will the location allow open flame candles on the tables.
  • Unique venues - such as art galleries, museums, castles, some churches will not allow flash camera photos (discuss this with the photographer ahead of time). If you create a wedding program - put a statement in for your guest's understanding.


  1. It is easier to work with a venue that is larger than too small for your guest lists.

  2. It helps to have a wedding reception venue with both indoor and outdoor settings.

  3. Many couples enjoy both the ceremony and reception at one location.

  4. If a seasonal garden or vineyard venue, ask what is blooming at the time of your requested date. 

  5. What happens if it rains. Is there an available tent with the venue, or a separate fee for a last minute tent.  Tents need to be put up by professionals. Do they offer this service.

  6. Hotels, mansions and castles will provide specific rooms and gardens for fees.  

  7. Ballrooms in hotels and restaurants always come with on-site banquet staff.  

  8. If the venue serves food, Look at the kitchen health review to see if it is current.

  9. Ask to taste the food. When you do not like the food, or find the caterer does not offer your style menu, then move on to another event site.  (It can be a major expense to buy out a kitchen…. and place your caterer in it.  Most restaurants/hotels will not let you do this.)

  10. Wineries and vineyards legally may not serve hard alcohol beverages other than their own wines or agreed to sparkling wines.

  11. All venues have a legal closing time governed by county and state regulations.