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Interview Questions For The wedding Florists & Decorators

Hiring the correct wedding florist has to do with how much you love flowers. Are they important to your wedding design?  A same day wedding requires very few flowers, whereas a large traditional wedding sets its tone with invitations and flowers.

We suggest you ask yourself a few questions prior to finding your florist.

  1. Do you or your fiance have flower allergies?

  2. Where do you see the flowers in your wedding day celebration?

  3. Do you have specific flowers you are in love with?

  4. Are there specific colors you want?

  5. Is there a specific theme? Vintage, Traditional, Ethnic, Chic, Minimal, Wildflowers

  6. If a destination - gain a recommendation from the event site or planner.

  7. What type of florist you really need depends on how important flowers are to you.

There are several types of florists:

  1. Full Service Floral Designer and Decorator

  2. Flower Shops With a Designer on Staff

  3. Flower Shops with Numbered Order Styles

  4. Flower Farms with a floral artist

  5. Grocery Store Flower Stalls

  6. Silk or dried floral arrangements

Special TIP here. please do not do your own flowers on your wedding day!!!

Your hands are part of the ceremony and flowers.

Important questions to ask the florists referrals when you call.

  1. Were they easy to work with?

  2. Did they substitute flowers without notifying you?

  3. Were delivered on time and was the order what was talked about and requested?

  4. Was the order filled completely, and marked for who gets what?

  5. Were the flowers fresh and did they hold up well throughout the day?

  6. Would they use the florist or floral designer again?

Ask The Florist

  1. Available on your date?

  2. How many weddings do they create flowers for in one day? Do they have a team?

  3. Do they deliver to both the ceremony and the reception hall?

  4. Do they label/mark the corsages, etc.?

  5. How do they keep their blooms fresh?

  6. Do they set the floral displays and aisle flowers, etc at the ceremony?

  7. Do they set the floral displays on the reception room tables?

  8. Will they decorate with cake flowers or deliver to baker or?

  9. Are the blooms you want in season - or can you substitute similar for lesser costs?

  10. Do they create a toss bouquet so you can keep your bouquet flowers?

  11. Can they provide a bridal bouquet preservation service?

Ask for a bid from no more than 3 florists you are serious about.


Money Saving Flower TIPs:

  • Order flowers that are “in season”.

  • Bring the ceremony flowers over to the reception room to decorate the tables.

  • Add more greenery to the bouquets and fewer blooms.

  • Expand the size of a centerpiece by placing it on a mirror. 

  • Utilize potted plants as centerpieces and give as gifts to those who helped.

Flowers offer different meanings and there are a huge variety to use for weddings.

So take some time and get acquainted with some of the terms from various websites mentioned.

STYLE Terminology

French and Traditional ~ Theme ~ Victorian ~ English Garden ~ Tussie Mussie ~ High Style - Ikebana ~ Free-Style ~ Centerpieces ~ Chuppahs ~ Floral Arch Décor ~ Bridal Bouquet styles of Posey ~ Biedermeier ~ Nosegay ~ Arm Sheafs ~ Composite Flower Bouquet ~ Single Bloom ~ Wrapped Stems ~ Hand Tied ~ Multi-trailed bouquet (shower) ~ Corsages for bibles or books of poems ~ Hair wreaths or Hair corsages ~ Flower Balls.  offers current floral ideas

Wedding Flower List.  This list can be a bit overwhelming but it indicates the many floral items there are to decide upon. The only ones the groom pays for (according to North American tradition) are the bride’s wedding bouquet and the mother’s corsages.

This part of the budget can be the brides.

  • Ceremony Area - aisles, altars, sprays, hoopas, music stands, guest book

  • Flower Girl - basket or petals

  • Corsages for mothers, grandmothers, guest book attendant, gift attendant

  • Boutonnieres for men in the wedding party, fathers, officiant & ring bearer

  • Reception Room - head table, table centerpieces, cake or dessert table, buffet decor


  • Table Settings for rehearsal night Plants or Shrubs as special

  • Thank-you. Bride’s mother and step-mother, grandmothers, candle lighters, godmothers, Groom’s mother, step-mother.

  • Hair wreaths,

  • Soloists - corsage or boutonnieres