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Interview Questions For Wedding Cakes & Desserts

The dessert table continues to be an exciting focus at a wedding celebration.  While traditional cakes of amazing beauty can be a focal point, we find fresh and unique ideas for desserts are rising in popularity.  Making you decision regarding a dessert for your guests can be one or many of these yummy ideas:

  • Formal tiered wedding cake - decorated with icing and/or flowers

  • Cupcakes - decorated with a variety of recipes to select from

  • Real Icecream, soft Icecream or frozen yogurt sundae & brownie bar

  • Icecream sandwiches or icecream cakes

  • Cake Sale - with a variety of desserts to choose

  • Chocolate fountains - fresh fruit and fun nibble dipping

  • Decorated strawberries

  • Pie table or pie tarts

  • Donuts

  • Fruit juice popsicles

  • Smores - toasted marshmellows, graham crackers, chocolate

Cake Types:  gluten free, sugar free, cheese cake, grooms cake, ethnic style cakes

Questions and Taste Tests For Wedding Cakes

Most bakers provide you with a taste test appointment to decide if you want their business.

Questions, as well as tasting the cakes, fillings and icings are very important here. Go in with knowledge of your date, location, height and number of guests to feed.

  • Is the baker a commercial kitchen, licensed, health department certificate and insured?

  • Do they give you a form to make notes as you do the tasting?

  • Are there more than one bakers to complete the dessert in event of illness

  • Are cakes/desserts fresh or frozen?

  • Do they deliver - with or without a service fee?

  • Do they set up the cake/dessert table or just deliver, or we pick up?

  • Price per slice or per dozen


  • Wedding Cakes can have more than one flavor cake and/or icings.

  • Couples may opt for a small wedding cake on top of decorated forms to cut and serve with other styles of dessert.

  • Pre-design your dessert table with a full length cloth, and have it READY for the delivery in ample time.