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Interview Questions For The Party Rental & Linen Services

Party Rentals may include everything from Tents to Serving Spoons.

Rental fee bills can sometimes be more expensive than the catering food service, so use some wisdom here.  Your personal taste is important in shaping up your colors and gaining your style/theme for the wedding. You will want a company with:

Quality References - from individuals and from companies they have worked with.

  • Newest Styles and Trends - in linens, tableware, serving items and tents.
  • A Work Team - to assist in the selection, delivery and often set-up and break-down/returns.
  • Budget Minded Attitudes - their sales giving guidance toward items that fit your budget.. 
  • Well maintained products.Even the slightest tare or stain can bring down the look of your wedding and reception.  You want high standards.

For a professional quote to be completed, YOU NEED TO KNOW the date, time, where, number of guests, theme colors and contact information of the venue(s). Many companies post a list on their websites. This helps to understand the pricing and give guidance on possibilities. 

QUESTIONS To Ask The Party Rental Company
1. Do they own their equipment and rentals? Do they have back up resources in case of larger guest lists or problems over booking items.
2. Always ask the time frame to deliver, set up, and when they will take down and pick up. This should be in your contract and paperwork. If your team is picking up or returning, you must know these time tables - so double charges do not occur.
3. Do they charge for delivery - by the mile, no charges locally, etc. This needs to be in your contract, and always check the billing. Can you save money on your bill by picking up items yourself?
4. What are the deposit amounts and payment procedures
 Many regions have an "off season". You may want to ask if there are discounts for off season receptions and events.
5. Depending on the items - do we need to clean them prior to returning them? 
6. What are your policies if I have to cancel my reservations on the items?
7. How far in advance of our date should we reserve the items?


  • Many full service caterers will handle the party rentals and often have many items in their storage. Their rentals may or may not be the most economical. They are kept for convenience and to gain more income from a client.  Other caterers can order them for you at their professional discount saving you money. Get clarity on this subject from your caterer.
  • This is one area where you may fall in love with a specific design, but the cost factor is prohibitive and you require a lower priced alternative.  
  • Round Tables for ten make it impossible  to talk to one another - tables for eight work well.
  • Planning for a tent - requires a diagram of the irrigation system.
  • Clarify addresses and dates - some items may need to be delivered to the ceremony and some to the reception address.