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Interview Questions For Wedding Hair & Makeup Artists

As couples and their families enter the decision to plan a wedding, they also set goals on their appearance. To look and feel fantastic on the wedding day.  Some are fortunate to have their hair stylist and skilled skin care, nail salon or spa facility in place, while others will be searching for local or destination wedding assistance.  Our questions and tips deal with the new search you may require.

Recommendations go a long way in this department. Check the previews and reviews on the web, and review their websites for “complaints against”.  If a destination wedding, gain the preferred vendor list from several venues in the region.

TIPS Regarding Skin Care

Skin Care Products - non allergic

Services - a variety of spa and skin care

Weight loss - caution on healthy methods to lose weight - extreme weight loss can create the bridezilla effect

Makeup Artist Tips - try different looks ahead of time. It is important you feel comfortable with your wedding day look. Remember the color photographs are enhanced by a more enhanced look.  There are several methods for applying makeup that the pros use today. Try these out to find your right fit.  

On-Site Makeup Artists - Arriving ahead of the ceremony time for just you, or the entire wedding party can take a complete team and scheduling of appointment time(s).

Studio Makeup Artists - Setting the appointment for this has much to do with traffic, time of the ceremony and dressing room available at the ceremony location.

Questions For The Makeup Artist

It is important to view their work from a book, posted website photo gallery. Understand their background, (where they trained, how many years, and product training.)

  • What products and techniques do they use
  • How many wedding have they done
  • References you may call
  • How The charge - by client or by the hour or packages

Hair Stylist Tips & Questions

Working with your own favorite hair stylist can always be the first choice idea. Many brides

choose a different hair style for their wedding look.

There are many very beautiful looks with braids, twists and updos or down your back. The beauty clips and hair ideas that can bring your wedding dress trim together or complete the style you have chosen for your wedding.  ie. victorian, modern chic, bling, and also add glamor with feathers, flowers, tiaras and unique ethnic pieces. You can check Pinterest Boards for ideas and the for wedding hair styles.  Copy and print a few to take with you to the hair stylist to save time.  Try the style, if you do not like it, move on to another.

Veils & Hair Decor

Set a pre-appointment or two with your hair stylist and bring your wedding veil, hair decor (if wearing these). Wedding veils need to be fitted and attached with your hair expert prior to the day of the wedding.  You need to understand how it will work with your hairstyle and how it will attach best.

Unique Services

Many hair stylists, makeup artists and nail care businesses offer party space for the entire wedding party in their studios. This is a fun gift to arrange for your bridesmaids or moms.