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Dynamic Is Often A Word To Describe New York City. From its commerce, ports, skyline, art, history, parks and Broadway Plays - the inspiring blend of citizens to the thousands of visitors - LOVE this city.  

The wedding and event plus romantic honeymoon venues are plentiful, and there are expert wedding services for every budget and ethnic style.  Brides and Grooms ENJOY planning their wedding or a fantastic honeymoon in New York City.  


New York City Wedding & Honeymoon Venues Services

New York City Boroughs...

Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and Staten Island

Shape Up Your Wedding & Honeymoon Plans From One Great Planning Menu - Scroll Down To Find, Luxury to Affordable Wedding Venues & Historic Sites, Gardens and Great Restaurants & Hotels for Pre-Wedding & Honeymoon Enjoyment in NYC.  

                                         (NYC Wedding SERVICES - right column)

Affordable Locations:

Central Park Conservancy Gardens - New York City ( various settings Permits $25 to $400)

Eastwood Caterers - Several Catered Ballrooms, Bronx, NYC 

Grand Prospect Hall,  Brooklyn, NYC 

Laroose Catering Hall, Bronx, NYC     

The Dumboldt Loft, Brooklyn, NYC    

All Inclusive Venues:

East Coast Yacht Cruises (Harbor Cities) NYC & NJ    

Manhattan Steamboat Company - NYC

The Sanz - Bronx, NYC  (up to 200 guests) 

Beach & Water View Venues:

Beckwith Pointe & Beach Club - New Rochelle, NY  

Manhattan Steamboat Company - New York City -  (67 guests) 

Pier Sixty-The Lighthouse-Chelsa Pines - Manhattan, NYC  

The Vanderbilt South Beach - Staten Island, NY City -  

Banquet & Restaurant Venues:

BB Kings Jazz Club - Manhattan, NYC   

Brooklyn Winery - Brooklyn, NYC   

Delposto - Manhattan, NYC     

Eden Palace - Brooklyn, NYC    

Marina Cafe Grand - Staten Island, NYC   

Tavern On The Green - Central Park, New York City - 

Ceremony & Reception Sites:

583 Park Avenue - Manhattan, NYC   

Desmond TuTu Peace Center & Garden - New York City, (30 guest rooms, events 220-300) 

Elite Palace - Woodside, Queens (300 or 700 guests)  

Grand Prospect Hall - Brooklyn    

Villa Barone Manor - Bronx     

Yale Club - Mid-town Manhattan    

New York City Penthouses - Manhattan   

Destination Wedding Venues:

Desmond Tutu Peace Center & Garden -NYC (30 guest rooms)

Four Seasons Wedding - NYC  

I Do Celebrate - NYC   

Gardens, Golf & Outdoor Venues:

New York Botanical Gardens - Bronx       

Snug Harbor Botanical Gardens NYC, inside and garden venue      

Golf Courses:

Chelsa Piers Golf Club  - Pier 59, New York City         

Clearview Park - Queens, NYC   

Dyker Beach - Brooklyn, NYC (Garden & Gazebo) 

Forest Park Club House - Queens

Flushing Meadows - Queens    

Grand Oaks Country Club - Staten Island, NYC  

Pelham Bay - Bronx, NYC      

Randalls Island Golf - Manhattan   

Van Courtland Golf & Nightclub  - Bronx   

Historic Sites:

Gotham Hall  - New York City (5 event rooms) 

Grace Church & Tuttle Hall - New York City  (200 guests)                        

Palm House, Atrium & Catering - New York City   (50 to 100 guests)     

Prince George Ballroom - New York City (65 to large elegant events) 

Pratt Mansion & Petersen Hall - New York City  (Fifth Avenue) 

Hotel & Ballroom Venues:

Barton Hill Hotel - Lewistown, NYC  (Wedding & Honeymoon) 

Highline Hotel, NYC  

Manderin Hotel & Spa - Manhattan, NYC

NYLO, Manhattan Boutique Hotel  

New York City Visitors Bureau 

The Bryant Park Hotel - NYC

The Plaza Hotel - Manhatten, NYC   

Trump Hotel - Soho, NYC  

Inns & B & B Lodging & Venues:

1817 House B&B - East Side of Manhattan,  NYC 


Ivy Terrace B&B - Manhattan, NYC   

Lefferts Manor B&B - Brooklyn, NYC  

The Canal Park Inn - Manhattan, NYC  

The Sophia Inn - Brooklyn, NYC   

Luxury Style Venues:

David Bouley Restaurant, NYC    

Grand Plaza - Staten Island, NYC 

The Glass Houses - Manhattan, NYC   

Top Of The Rock - Manhattan, NYC     

Pre-Wedding Party Sites:  

For Dates, Showers, Rehearsals, Honeymoons

Daniel New York City - Manhattan, NYC 

Gramercy Tavern - Manhattan, NYC  

Liberty House Restaurant & Banquets 

Mailano Fine Dining - Manhattan (24 guests)    

Megu (Japanese Cuisine) - Manhattan   

Nino’s Restaurant - Staten Island, NYC   

Nu Room at Parkside Restaurant - Queens, NYC

Rouge Tomate - Manhattan, NYC   

SD26 Balcony Room - NYC   

Spoto’s Restaurant - Bronx, NYC  

The Modern (Museum of Modern Art)  Manhattan, NYC 

The Pearl Room - Brooklyn, NYC 

Vesuvio Restaurant - Brooklyn, NYC  

Vivaldi Restaurant, Gardens & Catering - Bayside, NY  

Waterfalls Restaurant - Staten Island, NYC  

Small & Intimate Venues: (also review Inns & B&B's)

Alger House - Manhattan  

Central Park - Manhattan  

Hotel Elysee -  NYC  

The Library Hotel Collection - NYC 

Unique & Church Locations:

Asia Society Museum & Gardens - Manhattan (200 guests)     

Brannerman Castle - Hudson River  NY  

Community United Methodist Church - Jackson Heights, NYC 

Mid-Town Loft & Terrace - New York City (180 guests)  

New York Public Library - Manhattan (various size spaces)  


Bowery Hotel, NYC  

Grand Hyatt Hotel - NYC  

The Chatwanyl Hotel - NYC 

The Greenwich Hotel - NYC 

The Waldorf Astoria Hotel - NYC  

B& B Resource - NYC  

Same Day Wedding - Elopements:

New York City Marriage Licenses

  1. New York City requires a park permit for groups over 20.

  2. All officiants have a required licensing number - request this when booking and call  1-212.669.2778 to verify their legal stance.

  3. Bring legal documents for marriage license (Office not open on weekends).

  4. License Fee - City Clerks Office - $35. fee in money order or credit card.

  5. Bring 2 witnesses- sign in black ink only & mail documents

  6. Offen the officiants will have suggestions on where to hold ceremonies


Carlton Hotel - Manhattan, NYC 

Elope To New York (services)