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Wedding Interview Questions For Venues & Wedding Services

Find the best questions to gain your best wedding vendors and wedding services, or the perfect venue for a successful wedding day celebration.  This series of questions are to assist you in interviewing each of the services.  This Section is about Interviewing your venues and Individual Wedding Services/Event Vendors.   Other Questions Brides Often ASK are found in the WeddingLinks Q & A Section.

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Please Read The BASICS Below - Your planning begins with these elements:

Process of Finding - Interviewing & Hiring Venues, Vendors/Services For Your Wedding

We often gain a professional lead from family, friends, the venue’s preferred vendor list, your wedding planner, and from wedding planning portals that pre-qualify vendors. Anyone can pay for Google AD words or get on Craig’s List.  You want vendors with “good reputations".

Questions You Can Often Find From Their Website:

  1. Number of years in business. - Look for five or more.

  2. How many weddings or events have they done.  - Twenty to fifty or more.

  3. Some list reviews from prior clients. - Look for current statements.

  4. Are they available on date your require. - Some have calendars on their websites.

  5. For a wedding venue. - Number of guests the site will accommodate.

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THE BASICS - Your First Goal is To Establish 

Your Guest List Number & Your Budget

#1. Prices vary from one area to another. Set your budget for the entire wedding and reception. Divide by percentages (from chart below), so you understand what you will be spending on each service. Often a parent or relative may want to donate toward a budget, or provide a portion.               (Sign up on the right for the budget form you are given in our wedding planner.)

#2  Determine your number of guests. This is a combination number from both sets of parents and your guest list, plus yourselves and the wedding attendants. Once this number is locked in, try to keep it the same.

#3. Set your approximate date for venues. Some venues book a year or more out.

#4  Determine the style wedding you want - casual, traditional, luxury, simple, church, garden, beach, mansion, hotel, Inn or B&B, hall, restaurant banquet room, golf course, etc. You will love our  for your area - because we place locations in categories and give you the number of guests.

Your Second Goal is to understand your budget and approximate date of the wedding prior to shopping for dresses, venues or services. Venues are the hardest decision because dates are gone, some come with or without linens, tables, catering, they have various sized rooms, or lack of parking.  You will note... Honeymoon, Dresses & Men's Attire are not part of this budget. Couples spend according to their personal feelings on what is important to them.

To Reserve A Date You Must Deposit A Portion of The FEE. Often Half The Fee.

Service Decision Making Process              Aprox. Percentage of The Budget      

#1. The Venue Without Catering                30% to 40% - venue only

#2. The Venue+Catering+Rentals              40% to 60%  - different priced menus

 #3. Outside Catering                                  20% to 25%- various menus

#4.  Clothing                                                8% - dress, tux or suits

#5   Florist                                                   5% to 15% - bid or various packages

#6   Cakes or desserts                                5%  - often priced on slice

#7   Party Rentals & Linens                         5% to 10% - individual items

#8.  Photographer                                        5% - various packages

#9.  Video                                                     5% - various packages

#10. Wedding Officiant                                 2% - various packages

#11. Extras/ gifts, beauty, tax/tips                 5%

#12. Alcohol                                                  7%

#13  Invitations                                              2% to 4%

Dresses and Party Rental Fees can really move your budget upward. Caution in this area is recommended.

It is best to have a written contract with any service. That includes your best friend or relative donating their services. It is important to understand exactly what they are giving you and have the details written out.  Review each contract for details on dates, times, location address, who exactly will work the wedding, the fees, deposits and statement on overtime fees.

Your Venue Is First (linked below).  Because they may have a recommended list of vendors/wedding services you must use. 

For All Services

Moving through the list above, create a list of three FINAL companies you want to ask for bids or to interview. That is right, this could be up to 30 appointments and interviews.  You may have a criteria to look for with specific services [ie] on site makeup, free engagement session with a photographer, company that donates to charity, vegan or gluten free and no overtime fees. Please include those in your searches and questions.

Take the names and go to your Google Cursor - type in “complaints against             “ .  Then go to and seek reviews.  The fact you previously saw them working at another event, and those two web searches will help you decide if you want to call for an interview.  You may have met them first at a bridal show and were given an incentive or won a booth prize.  If they do not meet the requirements you have, then do not collect that prize.

Set appointments to interview before making your decision to contract  - When possible bring another person with you and both take notes - compare after the interview. Get your questions answered and …. never make up your mind on the first meeting, no matter what the incentive seems to be. Negotiate for more time to make up your mind.

  • When You Gain A Good Personal Referral For A Wedding Professional - follow through with the same system for each vendor.  Whether you do the meetings in person, by Skype or Hangouts, there are six factors that enter into each interview:
  • Did they return your calls within a reasonable time.  Vendors days off are Monday & Tuesday
  1. Do your personalities click?

  2. Do they have packages or menus that meet your budget?

  3. Do you like their end product and way they do business?

  4. Did they LISTEN and give you time to discuss the details of what you want?

  5. Were they pushy about signing on the dotted line, or reply to each of your questions and give you details outlining a commitment with their business?

Keep a time frame on each vendor selection. For EACH category... Find, Set Appointments, Interview each set of vendors - so you can quickly compare. Tell them your date to make your decision and follow through with action on that date.