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Hor d’oeuvres & Appetizers

In Step, Stylish, Dimensional & Show Stoppers!

Author, Judith Rivers-Moore, "Best Style Wedding & Honeymoon" digital magazine


Cocktail Parties, Martinis and blended drinks are in-style. Your special event or cocktail party may begin or evolve around some exciting displays or servings of hors d’ oeuvres. Fussy, fabulous, caloric, preparation-time intensive, very tasty and sometimes just as costly as a seated dinner, they do lend elegance to a gathering, beginning of a dinner party or focus of a grand event. They are often presented prior to a reception with drinks and are appreciated more with wine, champagne or martinis. Appearances go beyond the chip and dip, but we see them served in lieu of a wedding feast at times.

Why serve them?

• They are appreciated by your guests and they thank you for your extra effort.

• Your hosting time is between 5-7 or 5-8 pm

• When your guests have a wait time prior to dinner

• Provides a great way for people to mingle and talk prior to the beginning to a dinner or banquet.

Passed hors d’oeuvres provides a gala atmosphere prior to seating.

• You are a wine and food enthusiast with a more refined palate enjoying leisure dinning.

• The beauty n exciting presentation and want to brighten the occasion for your guests

• You wish to bring an ethnic statement to the event

• Alcohol is being served and the stomach requires food to absorb this.

Rules governing the selection and serving:

• Fusion Cuisine or Nuevo Latino is in

• Pan Asian

• Italian Delights with polenta

• Comfort Food Ideas

• Shellfish (remember some people are allergic to these)

• South Beach and low carb concepts

What are the ground rules for taste and ingredients:

• Each recipe is defined by the combination tastes that include; poultry, vegetable and sauces or zesty spices, sometimes chutney or marinades

• Fish, crab, shrimp, vegetables, gels, some meat and chutney combinations, various cheeses and fruit and nuts.

• Include comfort food ideas in small servings

How do you serve these delights:

• On flake pastry, unique breads or crackers, vegetables, leafy greens, polenta cups

• As finger-food hors’ d oeuvres are best served on trays by staff or placed on a buffet

• Sauced items at buffet tables or food stations with plates and special serving cups/saucers/glassware for the guest to walk away with.

• Placed on decorated trays with unusual cloths, paper, flowers and mats

• Un-cluttered and visually beautiful is important in the presentation. From stones, to pottery or pewter, painted glass, bamboo shoots on the plates, the serving piece becomes the artist’s palate with colored plates, toothpicks and skewers or unusual glassware along with edible flowers.

With guidance from your caterer, it is fun to let your creative spirit take hold in this culinary treat for your guests. Depending on the ingredients, and the time it takes to create, the addition of this hit may be out of reach of some budgets.

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