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Garden Wedding Venues 

by Judith Rivers-Moore
author  & publisher of "Best Style California Wedding & Honeymoon" - digital magazine

From our days of reading “Alice In Wonderland”, many of us have dreamed of a lovely Garden Party Reception. The good news is, the locations are abundant in every part of the world.  With backdrops being sought for “green weddings”, gardens are an increasingly popular venue.  You will find these backdrops are enchanting for your guests.  Some of the selections:

  1. formal hedge gardens with fountains
  2. winery gardens
  3. broad lawns with tents
  4. Victorian gardens
  5. sculpture gardens
  6. backyard gardens
  7. oriental gardens
  8. castle gardens
  9. plantation gardens
  10. gardens that overlook the river, lake or ocean
  11. city, community, botanical and national park gardens

There are some concerns with garden weddings and receptions:

  1. the seating
  2. time of day & seasonal colors
  3. renting of umbrella tables for shade
  4. awnings and tents for inclement weather
  5. insects and allergies
  6. evening lighting
  7. safety of children if there is standing water or pool

Foods and serving range (from the finest of china and silver with tea services to paper plates and casual attire).  A choice on your part to be as posh or frugal as you desire. Most locations offer specific ceremony areas or couple’s often bring in an arbor or hupa to decorate with fresh flowers, herbs, etc.  You can find lovely gazebos with backdrops of gardens, lawns and waterways for picture perfect wedding parties and celebrations.

Many weddings require a fire ring be dug for part of the ceremony traditions.  The garden wedding then becomes very important for the enactment of these rituals.

You will find offers locations specific to their region and grouped by their ambiance with garden venues ... being a category.

Whether Victoria B.C’s Butchart Gardens, Central Park in New York Newport Rhode Island estates, United Kingdom’s castle gardens, Holland’s Tulip gardens and Japan’s peaceful oriental gardens or  Hawaii’s Polynesian Village, there is a world  of renowned public  and botanical gardens plus private gardens to choose from.

Gardens make fantastic and memorable photos for your albums.