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Destination Weddings

Wed-Moons, Elopements, Same Day Weddings

by Judith Rivers-Moore

Publisher of "Best Style California Wedding & Honeymoon" Digital Magazines

This very popular choice for a wedding enjoys a multitude of exciting and pleasurable locales in the United States and around the world. Whether a nearby major city, a quaint town away, or your home town while you are away at college or working elsewhere, These all become destination weddings. Many are completed in favorite VACATION or TOURISM areas around the world. They call this a variety of names and if a secret, it is an "elopement". After WHO and WHY is answered, it still boils down to what, where and when.


Elopements to an exciting honeymoon area – for the two of you:

  • A couple decides to "elope" or run off to a fun or romantic favorite area and tie the knot and when bringing a few close friends or relations it becomes a destination wedding

  • Individuals who are decidedly into their own life styles and non family oriented

Destination Weddings

  • Family-oriented bridal couples who want their families to get to know one another. They select a unique location for the families to meet and get to know one another in a enjoyable relaxing location.

  • People who have lived together for years and decide to say the words, while enjoying a lovely vacation with family and friends

  • Couples who have fallen in love with a particular part of the world and want to share it

  • A remarriage for one or both

  • Couples WHO want their wedding to be a unique experience and vacation excursion for all involved

  • Those now living and working with many of their friends in a new area of the world


  • One, or both of the intended cannot handle standing up in front of a group of people -- so they opt for a more private ceremony

  • The destination wedding ceremony combines with the honeymoon plans

  • It can cut the wedding guest list down considerably

  • Many of the favorite destination areas are extremely romantic and offer some of the most talented professionals to help create the vision -- When hiring, ALWAYS ask for references and call them

  • Some areas of the world host less expensive weddings and receptions


  • Decide on your destination and what you can afford.  You do not pay everyone’s airfare or rooms, but you must consider these costs and the time it takes to clear vacation time and set up your travel arrangements

  • Learning the cost of that style wedding and who can help from the other end. General locations, information can be achieved by using area books, event coordinators, travel agents or the internet travel websites

  • Create a formula of who pays for what while there

  • Making travel and accommodation arrangements for you and possibly your family/group

  • Find a service to help your at the other end -- the location coordinator, an event coordinator, family or a friend in the area

  • This is one time you need to purchase  wedding insurance

  • TRUST -- that all will be completed perfectly to your specifications


Couples often choose, economical or all-inclusive locations with fun things to do that can accommodate you and your guests with a variety of great restaurants,  hotel rooms,  environmental beauty, a common enjoyment -- such as a hobby, snow skiing, beaches, boating, theaters, hiking, biking, golf areas.  Many are interested in the environment and seek the ultra-sports scene.

  • There are worldwide favorite resorts or hotels in --  Mexico, Thailand, Germany & Swiss Alps, Italy, Greek Isles and Caribbean Ocean, Central America, Canada and the U.S..

  • Top five in the United States are -- Las Vegas, Disneyland (s), Gatlinburg, TN, Charleston, SC and the California Wine Country areas of Sonoma and Napa,

  • etc., Hawaiian Islands and the major cities around the world.

  • Many exciting destinations include: ocean cruise ships, dude ranches, Pacific Coast resorts, National Parks, Niagara Falls, Yosemite, Yellowstone, Lake Tahoe, etc.

  • Exciting cities such as Paris, Rome, New York, San Francisco, Atlanta, San Diego, Washington DC, New Orleans or major cities around the world.


  • When  you’ve reached a decision on wanting a private quick  wedding

  • When the wedding planning is too overwhelming a project


  • Each area has its best time of the year for visitors. The off season if funds are tight..

  • It is suggested you always check the weather patterns for the time of year

  • you plan to be there.

  • You feel your schedules will work best together for time off


It cannot be emphasized enough -- budget is a top priority in this type of plan. Go over it several times. Find out where outside funds are coming from, determine who will pay for what -- demand accurate price quotes, including tax and tips.

Hire a qualified person at the destination who can complete things for you prior to, and the day of your wedding. These event coordinators or consultants will advise and often cut your costs while helping you realize your dreams. Use a credit card that insures your purchases and tracks your expenses.

Check out the marriage license rules of the area you are going to be married in, where to get your license, what identification you need, etc

Keep a checklist of your questions and concerns for when you call your location or professionals. This can cut down on your phone bill and having someone at the other end to handle the details works wonders in lowering your stress levels

Tell the professionals exactly what you want and expect from them. E-mail them specifics...or outline these in the contracts prior to signing. It is alright to ask them to wear formal attire or theme...according to your event

Get  literature or go to the regions tourism website. Purchase an area wedding book's for recommendations on wedding vendors and informational history so you can plan out fun things to do while visiting

If you are bringing a large group into the area for a few days you will want to plan:

  • gatherings - lunch, dinner or picnic for families and friends to meet

  • a casual shopping or tour of the area

  • bike, hike, golf or sports and swim fun

  • bachelor or bachelorette party -- spa, golf, etc.

  • rehearsal dinner

  • ceremony and reception

  • honeymoon days -- or take off elsewhere

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