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Create A Wedding Program

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From the bride's march down the aisle to the wedding reception, there are a number of wedding traditions and aspects that make a wedding ceremony special. The Wedding Program provides the attendants, family and guests an insight to what will occur throughout the day.

A wedding program (also called church programs, ceremony programs, or The Order of Worship) is a personalized guidebook for the guests in a wedding. Essentially similar to that of a program at a theater play, wedding programs serve the following purposes:

This is created several days in advance of the ceremony and handed out by the ushers or the guest book table at the entry to the ceremony to each guest. They serve as a record of the wedding ceremony, providing guests with the order and details of the events that will happen in the ceremony.

· They help guests understand what is happening and help them feel involved.

· They introduce and honor the bridal party, the sponsors, and the other people who are participating in the ceremony.

· They serve as a beautiful and sentimental souvenir for everyone, and can be included in the couple's scrapbook.

While a wedding program is not a strict requirement to have, it certainly adds a unique

and personal touch to any wedding ceremony. It can advise the guests on the following:

· Explains a inter-cultural or multi-cultural aspect of the ceremony.

· Reprints specific readings, poetry or music names and the composer of music played.

· Names the attendants, clergy, readers and soloists and musicians in the bridal party.

· Provides an area to express “special thanks” to contributors, parents, etc.

A wedding program is generally broken down into 3 sections, with the additional detailed information listed below:

*1. Introduction*

· Names of the couple - maiden name of bride and married

· Wedding date

· Time and place of the service.

*2. Event or Ceremony Order*

· Greetings

· Poetry

· Reading

· Exchange of vows

· Explanations of special religious rituals (such as the ring ceremony, unity candle ceremony, and pronouncement of marriage)

· Titles of the ceremony music to be played (including the names of the musicians, soloists, or readers)

*3. Acknowledgement of the Wedding Party by Name*

· Names of the members of the bridal party and the parents

· Name of the priest or official who will perform the ceremony

· Memorials or a tributes to someone who has passed away

· Thank-you notes and dedications to the parents and to people who gave support to the couple and to the wedding

· The couple's special message to their wedding guests or a paragraph on how they met.

· Directions to the reception

Many couples enjoy creating these on their computers with special 8.5 x 11 paper – 2 sided and folded after the printing. They can be keyed to the color of the wedding, but if you are putting a photo on it, it is best in white paper. Often the couples engagement photo can be placed on one side. A local printer with graphics capabilities can also do this for you.

This is a nice addition to the wedding, costing $25 to $200. It is also something that can be ignored if the budget is tight.

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