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Airline Travel Basics

by Judith Rivers-Moore, The WeddingLinks Coach

Many people have not booked air travel until time to plan a honeymoon.  This article is meant to assist in giving you the process.

First, get on the internet and examine the flight schedules of popular airlines. We have a link to great travel app that compares pricing on our sister website  Understand each of the airports has a different code address. You can look up world codes on

When you work with a travel agent, they will also book your airlines according to your budget.

When booking your own, determine if you need an international or local airport, or both.  Find the nearest airport to your destination. Sometimes this means you will fly into a major airport and take a smaller plane to your final destination. To reduce your stress, even though it may cost a little more, we encourage you look for direct flights. Some airlines specialize in non-stop flights to certain locations, such as Air Jamaica. Big airlines like Delta or American fly to many destinations, both locally and overseas.

Second, consider what time of day or night do you get in [their time] and the length of time it will take you to get from the airport to your destination/hotel once you land. (Do they meet you with a transfer to your hotel) Is the airport really close to your hotel, or is it an hour away? If needed, shop for a rental car agency while you are looking at your airlines or find out if your destination has a shuttle to pick you up. There are often many unsafe neighborhoods to travel through, so use the links on homepage of to review safe places to travel.

Often many resorts offer discounts on travel, special all inclusive packages and pay 2 night stay 3.  Look for the perks on their website prior to booking separately.

Third, there are many "speciality" airlines, such as Vacation Express, that offer round trip charter flights at a reduced cost. Often, packages can be booked through a travel agent that will include your airfare, hotel stay, and even food and drinks for one price.  

Fourth, remember that most charter flights are "no frills". So if you are looking for something beyond the basics, you will need to avoid a charter flight.

Determine four months ahead if you will need a passport, or simply a birth certificate if you are traveling outside the USA. Apply for these right away.

The airlines, cruises and countries require: 2 forms of ID [such as driver's license and passport], and also a copy of your marriage license [if your name has changed.


These are either picked up at your travel agency or emailed to you.  Print all the pages, clip together and save in your travel bag.  Check the airline to see their “baggage requirements”. Most airlines give you one bag free. and one small carry-on.


Check your ticket package, it will often state what time you should be in the airport ahead of the flight time. It is a hurry-up and wait attitude. I like to get to the airport and then have a relaxed meal or window-shop for awhile, and many people bring a good book.  Many terminal areas now have television monitors.


There are so many items we cannot include in our luggage and carry-ons. Check with your airlines to find out what is on the list. Plan to purchase these missing items upon arrival. Yes, it is difficult to give up your favorites, but they will just throw them away in front of you. Ugh!

It is not wise to bring your social security card -- leave it locked up at home.

Credit cards that insure your purchases are a good choice.

Most airports have money exchanges in the airports upon arrival

Customs rules entering a country vary from one to another - but you can be held up for a long time if you decide to break their rules - find out ahead of time what they are and abide by them. Their jails and treatment are not as nice as ours.

Customs rules returning to the U.S. and duty free items should be packed in a separate tote bag for quick accessibility upon return. Fill out the form passed out to you by the cruise line or air flight crew.  

When/If your bags are lost - this is usually temporary and will arrive in 24 hours. We always pack a toothbrush, comb, destination phone numbers, addresses, medicines for a day, fresh set of underwear and one outfit + a swimsuit in our carry-on totes - just in case.