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Best Style California Wedding & Honeymoon 

Digital-Magazine Advertising & LINKS Package: Release January 2018

Half Page Category Advertisement  $595

Includes 12 links package * with Half Page Advertisement in either a graphic AD, or up to two photos plus text.

Art Size: 8” x 5.125”

Art Fee: $225.

Art Due Date: August 15, 2017 for Northern California

Art Due Date: September 15, 2017 for Southern California

Full Page Category Advertisement  $995

Includes 20 links package * with Full Page Advertisement in either a graphic AD or up to three photos plus text. 

Art Size:  (non-bleed art 8” x 10.5”)

Art Fee: $450

Art Due Date: August 15, 2017 for Northern California

Art Due Date: September 15, 2017 for Southern California

First Twenty Double Trunk Pages of Magazine,  $1,495

Includes 40 links Package * with Full Page Bleed Advertisement – AD can have up to 3 photos plus text

Art Size: 8.625” x 11.25” 

Art Fee: $450

Art Due Date: August 17, 2017 for Northern California

Art D Date: September 17, 2017 for Southern California

Best Style Graphic Art Fees  Magazine Size: 8.25 x 10.75

707-708-2165 and 707-546-1623

JR Publication's Website Advertising Links ONLY 

WE Link Videos, Pinterest Board Addresses, Blogs & Website Addresses.  Your links may be shared between three web portals.


Action   $300. -- up to 12 links 

Benefits $480. -- up to 20 links

Corporate $680. -- up to 30 links  and 2 Tile ADs

Deluxe Corp $880. -- up to 40 links + 4  Tile ADs

Extensive $1,000. -- up to  60 links + 12 Tile ADs

20% discount when client purchases a SEO package, and/or advertises in our California "Best Style Wedding & Honeymoon Digital Magazine" .

TILE Sizes: may be only purchase

TILE/Banner ADS Available on and on

Tile ADS are 250 x 250 pixels. 

$100 per month. Minimum of $600.

Your Art according to our specifications... or

Tile Art  Fees: 

Graphic Designs $300 for Tiles

Brief History of JR Publications.  Under the guidance of CEO, Judith Rivers-Moore, 

JR Publications began with a small book of local wedding and event resources by Judith published for the Sonoma County wine region in California.  Expanding in print to Bay Area cities, the business was one of the first three linking web portals for the wedding industry on the web with in 1993.

This company expanded into several web linking portals through its over now 25 years. The first local website, expanded throughout California linking, and is now found linking businesses across the USA and favorite destination areas of the world.  JR developed additional "Marketing Solutions and SEO for clients.  She moved into digital magazines that can expand into every state. "Best Style California Wedding & Honeymoon.  Judith continues to write, and offers several blogs plus works toward growing the business.